Basement Overhaul

•September 1, 2011 • Leave a Comment

So the environments in Carrom are due for an overhaul. The solid colour textures were a real eye sore, so I decided to knuckle down last night and get some proper textures in game. I’m not really much of a texturer, but I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.┬áHope I didn’t go too overboard with the bump mapping.
































































No Friends Required

•August 4, 2011 • 2 Comments

I’ve been programming some AI players the past couple of weeks, and while they’re not great at this early stage, you can now play a game against 3 AI players.

I’ve only just got the AI trying to bounce shots of walls so they haven’t got the angles right at the moment, but its coming along. Once I get that sorted, I’ll being making a few improvements to the current AI systems and hopefully add some different difficulty levels for the AI.

I’ve definitely learned one thing from getting my feet wet in AI: baby steps.

The Beginning of The End

•August 2, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Back for the final semester and the first sprint back has begun.

I have three targets for the end of the sprint.

1. Get the fifth level in the game. Hopefully start on some flashy particle effects too.

2. Get multiplayer into the main build. Bonus if it actually works.

3. Have AI working to a reasonable standard. (Make sure AI knows the rules, can aim and calculate power properly, etc)


Coming soon: AI footage.

GUIEditor for Unity

•June 9, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I’ve found that sometimes in the early stages of game development you just want a simple no frills GUI so you can get some information up on the screen and play around with layouts. However, coding the coordinates and sizes of GUI elements and checking them in play mode can be time consuming and tedious. (This is the part where you see a black and white clip of me being visibly frustrated and knocking my keyboard and cuppa tea off my desk…There’s got to be another way!)

I’ve developed a tool where you can view GUI elements in the Game View as well as position and resize ┬áthem in real time with the mouse in Edit Mode. With a little bit of coding you can add functionality too.

Give it a shot if you like. Download it here. Documentation is included. (Click image for full size screenshot)

Oh that’s right! I have a blog!

•May 23, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Yikes, two months since my last post. Shocker.

Much progress has been made in those two months though. Here’s a nice, quick video of me skipping through the game, followed by a big list of changes.

  • C#. The game started in Javascript and now has been converted to C#. It’s a lot nicer to code in and the conversion was definitely worth the hours spent cussing at my monitor.
  • New main menu. Sam sent me a much sleeker main menu design that I spent the weekend implementing. Much sleeker and functional than the last iteration.
  • Levels. Chen’s four background environments are in the game now. They give the game a sense of progression and a bit of personality. The camera swoop is pretty cool too.
  • Rules. Whereas in the last video the game gave little regard for the actual rules of Carrom, now you’re penalised for sinking your opponents pieces and rewarded for sinking the queen. You can WIN and you can LOSE! The pieces are also put on the side of the board when sunk.Which leads to me to the most time consuming feature I’ve put in the game so far:
  • Piece replacement. When you sink an opponent’s piece, you have to put one of your sunk pieces on the red dot in the centre of the board. Sounds easy, yeah? Well, what if there’s a piece already on the red dot? Well in that case you put as much of the piece as possible on the red dot. What if you can’t get any of the piece on the dot? Well then you put it as close as possible to the red dot, but on the opposite side of the dot from the next player. A couple of weeks spent on collision detection, moving pieces and much frustration and now it works pretty well. Pretty, pretty well.
  • Level progression. Just won a game? Don’t get too comfortable, mate. You’re off to the next level.

Coming soon: Fancy in-game HUD, multiplayer, audio, special effects and POLISH

The Sprint

•March 22, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the next three weeks. It’s been three weeks so far and the game pretty functional. Not finished, but functional.

I think the theme for the next three weeks will be “Basic Completion”, as unimaginative as that sounds. By the end of this sprint I’m hoping to have the game nearing completion.You should be able to open the game, play it through to the end with the number of players you wish and start a new game.

Game rules, menus and physics are the focus at the moment in terms of coding, and on the art side I’d like to see a 3D background for gameplay and a good colour scheme and layout for the menus and in game GUI.


•March 22, 2011 • 1 Comment

Alright, the prototype is done and things are going pretty smoothly so far. Here is some gameplay footage to show I’m not lying.

The physics needs a bit of work and the interface is almost non existent, but you can play the game.